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Doner Moulds

• 1,2 mm is produced by twisting at 52 cm calibre from 304 quality stainless steel metal sheet
• Base of it was cut from 4mm metal sheet as semi-circle.
• Deformations had been avoided up against expansion which consists in the result of freezing by welding industrial belt on to the bottom,middle,upper sides of industrial chamber.
• Chicken breast and leg, turkey, ground beef and beef-leaf, leaf-ground beef is ideal for the mixed doner kebab.
• Industrial chamber bucket weight is about 50 kg.


By using doner moulds loss of time to form the doner is overcome. Production with moulds leads to a reduction of %85 in labor costs.

Korkmaz Mekatronik also makes the industrial design and manufacture all the machinery and auxiliary equipment that can be needed in every phase of doner production process. Doner preparation benches can be customized in different combinations which aims to simplify the doner pre-cooking process.

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